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nemeng.com is Andrew Nemeth. Based in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, he works as a high school Science Teacher, specialising in physics, chemistry and junior science.

In April 2010 he completed the NSW IoT "Accreditation at Professional Competence" process after teaching for a year at Penrith High School. Prior to that in 2008 he completed a Master of Teaching degree at the University of Western Sydney. Before that he was a PHP5/ XML web developer. For the period 1996—2006 he was also one of the world's leading VR panorama photographers and programmers (!)

For a detailed chronology of all the projects he has worked on since 1995, see the Nemeng History page.

Website features

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leica.nemeng.com — The Leica FAQ

One of the world's more popular Leica Camera and lens FAQs. More than 1400 page-views a day; 185 000 words; a hundred-plus articles; thousands of links; an emphasis on everyday usage rather than arcane trivia.

4020.net — Photography & Articles

A personal showcase of high resolution 360° QuickTime VR panoramas (eg. "Superman Returns", "Holden Captiva", "The Australian War Memorial"); my "Sydney Unposed" colour street photography project; the Eastern Bloc 91-2 historical project; and also my "Photographers Rights" legal issues article.

nemeng.com/jdgcalc — Court Interest Calculator

A free online calculator to compute judgement interest on debts, for various Australian State and Federal jurisdictions. Originally written in 1993 as a stand-alone application using C++, the 2007 version is web-based and written in PHP5/ XML.

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Please use the feedback-form on my 4020 website.

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