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Where can I get Leica camera manual reprints?

You can find the whole instruction manual for the Leica If-IIf-IIIf online at the following URL:

Also, the following is courtesy of "Doug Richardson" <doug@>

The publisher's details on the manuals I have are as follows:

Hove Photo Books, 34 Church Road, Hove BN3 2GT, England

They are currently being advertised by Hove Photographic, 32 Holland Road, Hove East Sussex BN3 1JL (tel +44 1273 777576, fax +44 1273 777176)

Here in the UK, the Leica-specialist stores tend to stock these books, and I tell US inquirers on the LUG to look in Shutterbug to find an US advertiser who sells them.

Another good source of Leica operating instructions for older equipment is the regularly-updated classic 1950s and 1960s books - Morgan & Morgan's "Leica Manual" and Matheson's "The Leica Way" and "The Leica and Leicaflex Way". These are easy to find, being regularly advertised on the 'net by dealers who trade in second-hand photo books.

In addition to this, also see the list of Leica related books offered by Hove at the following URL:

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