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Leica CL - what to look for when buying

So you want to buy a compact Leica for occassions when your M is too bulky. Maybe the CL will fit the bill, although be warned these cameras are all over 20 years old now. To help you avoid getting stuck with a dud, the following www site sets out in incredible detail all the ins and outs and what to look for when buying a CL:


Stephen Gandy has a more general page on the Leica CL (and Minolta CLE) at:

Practically though, why buy a 20 year-old Japanese manufactured CL, when you can buy a brand new M-mount Japanese manufactured Voigtländer Bessa R2 instead?

Yes the CL has a much quieter shutter, but otherwise the R2 is much cheaper, uses modern manufacturing techniques and materials and works with all M lenses as it lacks the CL's lightmeter-on-a-swinging-stick.

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