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M quick release adapter plates

Often use your Leica M on a tripod or monopod and want to find a quick-release plate to more easily mount your camera?

In May 2002, Joe Codispoti announced the following:

At long last the ClearSight quick release adapter plates for the Leica Winder and the TA Rapidwinder are ready for shipping.
They are beautiful, precise and very lightweight, 1.7oz (20gm). Photos are on the website (
The cost will be:
$39.95 each
$2.00 S&H first class (US only)
$4.00 S&H priority mail (US only)
CA 7.25% sales tax
$4.00 S&H EU
$6.00 S&H Aus & Asia
Until May 31 a ClearSight microfiber cloth will be included with all adpater plates shipped.

Needless to say, this offer expired a few years ago…

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